For most students, college is a time for new social experiences, most of which are fun and memorable.save photo However, from time to time, students are confronted with strong pressures for sexual activity in a social scene that seemingly tolerates coercive behaviors and attitudes. All too often this results in an alarming number of victims of sexual assault. In any given calendar year approximately 5 percent of college women are sexually victimized; over the course of their college career 1 in 4 will experience an attempted or completed sexual assault.

UNI SAVE (Students Against a Violent Environment) Forum Actors are peer theatre students who present interactive workshops to raise awareness about gender based violence and sexual intimacy. Their goal is to challenge audiences to think seriously about the choices they make in their intimate relationships and to seek help when things go wrong.

The group performs for various campus audiences, including first year students, athletes, fraternities and sororities, men's groups, co-curricular organizations, and students in a variety of liberal arts classes at UNI. They also have presented for groups in Nebraska, North Carolina, Missouri, Oregon, Minnesota, and Kansas. Workshops are custom-made for various audiences in order to address issues that are directly connected to their lives.