Department of Communication Studies

UNI Forensics Results for MAFL Tournament

Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013

Greetings everyone!

Despite the turbulent weather, the speech team was on the road this weekend at one of the last regular season tournaments of the year. A smaller group is heading out at this point in the season. Once a student qualifies an event to nationals, they usually don't perform the event at tournaments. We will be sending out a list in two weeks with our final results for nationals qualifications for AFA and NFA, the national speech tournaments in April. This weekend, we had several students place!

Zoe Russell won After Dinner Speaking at MAFL #7

Mandy Paris was 6th in Dramatic Interpretation at MAFL #7

Keegan Bosch was 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation at MAFL #8 and 3rd in Poetry Interpretation at MAFL #7

Anthony Peavy was 4th in Duo Interpretation (with Maddison Jansen) at MAFL #8 and 6th in Program Oral Interpretation at MAFL #8

Heather Kelly and Scott Bredman were 6th in Duo Interpretation at MAFL #7

The team will be off this weekend, but will finish the season next week. One of the Speech Seniors, Harrison Postler, will be premiering a one act show in the Interpreters Theatre tomorrow. Many of the students on the speech team are actively involved in Interpreters Theatre as well, and this cross work is beneficial to the students and the department. More information about Harrison's show: Next month, we will be hosting a speech showcase featuring many of the national qualifiers for AFA on March 27th.

The debate team is preparing for the District IV tournament in Minneapolis this weekend. District IV is a highly competitive district, and Abbie and Zach will be competing for a spot at the National Debate Tournament, the collegiate debate equivalent to the NCAA tournament. We wish Abbie and Zach good luck this weekend!

We appreciate your support, and wish you safe driving conditions!

All the best,
Dr. Katherine L. Lavelle
Director of Forensics
Assistant Professor of Com. Studies
University of Northern Iowa
334 Lang
Cedar Falls, IA 50613-0139