Here you will find how you can help UNI Forensics Speech and Debate. Your donations and support help the UNI Forensics teams continue their national success and give students the best possible experience UNI can offer.


Where and How to Donate:

Amazon Link:
Help the team out at no cost to you!
UNI Forensics has an Amazon fundraising link up and running. All you have to do is use this link, and bookmark it in your search bar.

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Anytime you click on the link, and then buy something from Amazon, we get a small percentage of what you paid. Every little bit helps.

Targeted Gifts

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Bill Henderson Debate Fund (#222124)
Bill Henderson Individual Events Fun (#222378)
Forensics Scholarship Fund (#211672)

Questions about Donations
Contact John Fritch <>


Support UNI Forensics:

UNI Forensics Facebook Page: (Like us!)


Judge Upcoming Debate Tournaments at UNI
For details, contact Rich Tews <>

Pitch in Some Other Way?
Maybe coach in person or through Skype when you have free time, take part in an alumni workday, or have other ideas?
For speech, contact Joshua Hamzehee <> or Sade Barfield <>
For debate, contact Rich Tews <>