Department of Communication Studies

Speech Team Places Second at Season Opener

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012

The speech team completed the MAFL #1/2 tournament, held at UNI. MAFL (Mid-American Forensics League) tournaments are a rotating group of tournaments hosted in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, and Iowa. UNI hosted the first one of the season, in part because Rebecca Buel, our Director of Individual Events, is the Executive Secretary of the Organization. Unlike the Henderson Tournament (which is a UNI tournament), our students can compete at MAFLs. Twelve schools competed at the two tournaments (most speech tournaments operate as swing tournaments, whereas debate tournaments are one single tournament). The team won second in sweepstakes for the weekend, and we had many students win awards at the tournament!

Senior Harrison Postler:
1st (MAFL #1) and 2nd (MAFL #1) in Impromptu Speaking
4th in After Dinner Speaking (MAFL #1)
Duo Interpretation: 3rd in Duo Interpretation (MAFL #1) with Mandy Paris & 4th (MAFL #2) and 6th (MAFL #1) with Ryan Courtney (MAFL #1)

Senior Michael Taylor:
1st (MAFL #1) & 2nd (MAFL #2) in Dramatic Interpretation
1st (MAFL #2) & 5th (MAFL #1) in Program Oral Interpretation
2nd in Poetry Interpretation (both days)

Senior Mandy Paris
6th in Prose Interpretation

Junior Zoe Russell
1st in Impromptu Speaking (MAFL #1)
3rd (MAFL #2) & 4th (MAFL #1) in Extemporaneous Speaking
5th in Informative Speaking (MAFL #2)
7th in Persuasion (MAFL #2)

Second Year Ryan Courtney
3rd (MAFL #1) & 5th (MAFL #2) in Dramatic Interpretation

Second Year Jordan Lukehart
3rd (MAFL #1) & 6th in (MAFL #2) in Extemporaneous Speaking

First Year Keegan Bosch
4th (MAFL #1) & 5th (MAFL #2) in Poetry Interpretation
3rd (MAFL #2) in Impromptu Speaking
5th in Extemporaneous Speaking & Poetry (MAFL #2)
3rd (MAFL #2) & 5th (MAFL #1) in Duo Interpretation with Scott Bredman (novice collegiate competitor)

First Year Maddison Jansen
6th in Poetry Interpretation (MAFL #2)

The speech team will be heading to the 74 Swing in Illinois this weekend. The debate team will be helping out with the Brindley Invitational, our two-day high school tournament. This competition will have students competing in speech, debate, and Congress on Friday and Saturday. Right now, we have 300 students registered from 19 Iowa high schools. This is by far the largest Brindley we have hosted in the four years since we restarted the tournament. We are especially pleased to have a large division of novice policy and Lincoln Douglas debate. Ninety debaters will be starting their debate careers on the UNI campus this weekend. It will be busy, but it is a great way for us to provide a service to the high school community, as well as serve as a recruiting vehicle for future Panthers!

Please let me know if you have any questions. We appreciate your support, and hope that you have a great week! :)

All the best,

Dr. Katherine L. Lavelle
Director of Forensics
Assistant Professor of Com. Studies
University of Northern Iowa
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