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Sample Calendar for Program Completion

  1. Confer with the Director of Graduate Program as to
    1. proposed area of specialization
    2. first semester registration for courses
  2. Register for classes.  If possible, enroll forCOMMGRAD 6001  (48C:201) Introduction to Graduate Study and Research, and COMMGRAD 6011 (48C:224) Communication Theory.  Those who are teaching assistants,  or  wish to be Spring must also take the COMMGRAD 6045 (48C:282) Seminar in Communication Education as soon as possible (usually in the fall semester
  3. Complete remaining admission requirements, if admission was provisional.
  4. Before completing 9 hours of course work choose permanent advisor, plan the program of study with your advisor and file the Program of Study via WebCT to the Director of Graduate Program and the Graduate College..
  5. Before completing 18 hours of course work, generate research topic for thesis or research project.  Select your thesis committee or research paper readers.   Thesis students must file online the listing your thesis committee by completing the Thesis/Research Committee form.
  6. Thesis students
    1. Before completing 24 hours of credit,
      1. have formal prospectus meeting with thesis committee. 
      2. meet with advisor and Director of Graduate Program to determine areas for Comprehensive Examinations.
    2. take comprehensive exams.
    3. before completing 6 hours of research for thesis schedule a meeting to preview the thesis format with the Graduate College during the semester in which the thesis is to be completed.
    4. nine weeks before commencement, submit final draft of thesis and schedule oral defense
    5. six weeks before graduation submit final form of thesis with abstract and approval forms to Dean of Graduate College.
  7. Non-thesis Students: 
    1.  Before completing 32 hours of credit
      1. have readers of research paper approve topic/project.. 
      2.  meet with advisor and Director of Graduate Program to determine areas for Comprehensive Examinations
    2. take comprehensive exams.
    3. complete the research paper.
  8. Semester you plan to graduate, be sure to apply for graduation by mid-term via My Universe. All deadlines listed on this calendar are the latest date for requirements to be met.  It is advisable for the student to complete requirements well in advance of the deadline dates, thus insuring time for rewriting, amending, and avoiding accidental non-compliance. ) See Graduate College important dates at Also see Communication Studies website at for our Quick Reference list