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Graduate Tuition Scholarships

What Is A Graduate Tuition Scholarship? Graduate tuition scholarships pay a waiver of either in-state or out-of-state tuition for the period of appointment. An appointment may be made for one or two semesters per academic year. In general, those students who receive assistantships are awarded tuition scholarships.

How Do I Apply? The Graduate Tuition Scholarship form must be filed with the department. This form you may obtained online at The deadline for application is February 1.

What Are The Requirements? Those awarded tuition scholarships must maintain full-time student status (9 hours minimum) in the semester(s) they receive funding. Course work must apply toward the student's program of study in the M.A. degree. Students must maintain a grade point average in good standing with the Graduate College (minimum of 3.0).

Application for an assistantship and/or scholarship must be made each year. The maximum support a graduate student can receive through an assistantship and/or scholarship is four (4) semesters.

Other questions? Contact the Department Head (319-273-6118) or the Graduate Program Director (319-273-7159).