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Graduate Faculty and Research Specialties

Faculty in the Department of Communication Studies includes nationally recognized, distinguished scholars and teachers. Together they represent a wide variety of disciplines in the communication field. The following descriptions are provided to acquaint graduate students with faculty and better enable students to identify faculty with whom they may wish to study.

Ronnie Bankston, Associate Professor. Teaches Audience Analysis, Electronic Media Processes and Effects, Electronic Media Law, Electronic Media Management, Broadcast Programming. Research Specialty--New Communication Technologies, Impact of New Communication Technologies on Traditional Media Markets, Programming Practices of Television Networks and Stations. Ph.D., University of Iowa.

Melissa L. BeallProfessor. Teaches Communication Education and Oral Communication. Research Emphases --Creative and Critical Thinking, Gender, Language, Listening, Instructional Issues (especially Teaching Effectiveness, and pre- and in-service education for teachers) and Communication and Technology. Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Jeffrey Brand, Associate Professor. Teaches public relations courses and Communication REsearch Methods. Research Emphases--speech communication. Ph.D., Indiana University.

Shing-Ling (Sarina) Chen, Associate Professor. Teaches Mass Communication Theory and Research Methodology. Research Emphases--Symbolic Interactionism, the Self and the Mass Media, the Construction of Electronic Self, and the Electronic Media and the Construction of Community. Ph.D., University of Iowa.

Zhuojun (Joyce) Chen, Associate Professor. Teaches Electronic Media and Culture, Television and Multimedia
Production, Computer-Mediated-Communication. Communication Technologies, Electronic Media Industries, Advertising, and Research Methodology. Research Emphases—Cultural Studies on Media, Culture, & Society and Electronic Media & New Technologies. Ph.D., University of Iowa.

Victoria DeFrancisco, Professor. Teaches Interpersonal Communication, Gender Issues, Intercultural Communication, and. Introduction to Graduate Studies. Research Emphases--Language, Gender and Feminist Theory. Ph.D., University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana.

Anelia Dimitrova, Associate Professor. Teaches Mass Communication and Society. Research Emphasis--Journalism. Ph.D., University of Missouri.

Melissa Dobosh, Assistant Professor. Teaches communication courses including organizational communication, businesss and professional communication, interviewing, and group communication. Research Emphases--organizational and group communication with interests in networks and technology. Ph.D., University of Illinois.

Bettina Fabos, Associate Professor. Teaches visual communication courses. Research Emphases--Language, Literacy and Culture. Ph.D., University of Iowa.

John Fritch, Professor. Teaches Rhetorical Theory and Criticism. Research Emphases—Argumentation Theory, Forensics Theory and Pedagogy, Contemporary Rhetorical Theory. Ph.D., University of Kansas.

Harry (Tom) Hall. Associate Professor. Teaches Organizational Communication courses, Communication Theories, and Research Methods. Research Emphases—Organizational Communication, Intercultural Communication, and International Communication. Ph.D., University of Oklahoma.

Philip Hopper, Assistant Professor. Teaches electronic media, digital media, video/photography, and screenwriting classes. Research Empheses--How the Human Eye and Brain Perceives Motion Picture Film. M.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute.

Christopher Martin, Professor. Teaches journalism courses. Research Specialty--News Criticism, Labor and Working Class History, Television History and Critical/Cultural Studies. Ph.D., University of Michigan.

Karen Mitchell, Professor. Teaches Performance Studies. Research Emphases—Performance and Pedagogy; Textual Analysis; Performance and Social Change; Theatre of the Oppressed; Scripting, Adapting, and Directing Non-traditional Texts for Performance. Ph.D., Louisiana State University.

Danielle McGeough, Assistant Professor. Teaches Oral Communication and Performance Studies.  Research Emphases--Performance, Ph.D., Louisiana State University.

Ryan McGeough, Assistant Professor. Teaches Oral Communication, Political Communication, and rhetoric courses. Research Emphases--rhetoric and public address. Ph.D., Louisiana State University.

Chris Ogbondah, Professor. Teaches News Writing, Reporting Methodologies and Sources [of Information], Advanced Reporting, Editing and Design, History of Mass Communication, and Global Mass Media Systems. Research Emphases-International Communication, Press Freedom and Media Censorship in Africa. Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Catherine (Cate) Palczewski, Professor. Teaches Argumentation and Debate, Gender Issues, Freedom of Speech, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Rhetoric and Performance in Social Protest. Research Emphases--Argumentation, Social Protest, Feminist Theory and Criticism, Rhetorical Theory and Criticism, Political Communication. Ph.D., Northwestern University.

Gayle Pohl, Associate Professor. Teaches Principles of Public Relations, Public Relations Cases and Studies, Public Relations Campaign Methods, Integrated Communication, Global Public Relations, Public Relations Writing and Graduate Seminars in Public Relations. Research Emphases--Public Relation and Relationship Management, Strategic Public Relations, Community Engagement and its Effects on Public Relations Education, Social Influence, Branding, and Conversational Sensitivity. Ph.D., University of Kentucky, Lexington.

Charles (Kyle) Rudick, Assistant Professor, Teaches Communication Education and Communication Courses. Research Emphases--Communication Education, Intercultural Communication, Community Building, and Critical Theory. Ph.D., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Paul J. Siddens III, Professor. Teaches Performance Studies, the basic communication course, and interpersonal and nonverbal communication. Research and creative activities include: Performance Studies and film production theories and practice, and the impact of technology on human communication. Ph.D.. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.

Fransesca Soans, Associate Professor. Teaches Electronic Media. Research Emphases—Film and Media Art. MFA., Temple University, Philadelphia.

Laura Terlip, Associate Professor. Teaches Organizational Communication. Research Emphases--Organizational Communication, Gender & Communication. Ph.D., University of Oklahoma, Norman.

Paul Torre, Assistant Professor. Teaches electronic media courses. Research Emphases--media studies. Ph.D., University of Southern California.