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Advisor Selection

Where Do I Make Initial Contact to Begin My Program?

The department's Graduate Program Director serves as your interim advisor from the time that you begin the application process to be admitted to the Graduate Program in the Department of Communication Studies until you have selected a faculty advisor (usually before completing 9 hours of credit). This, of course, does not preclude seeking advice from other faculty members in your intended area of study or from the department head.

Who Picks My Academic Advisor?

You, the student, select your permanent advisor in consultation with the Communication Studies Graduate Program Director. The person must be on the Graduate Faculty in the Department of Communication Studies (refer to the list of Graduate Faculty provided in this document). Should your area of emphasis change, or other unforeseen circumstances arise, you may decide to change advisors. In such case, contact the Graduate Program Director, as such a change could extend the length of your program.

How Do I Officially Declare My Advisor?

When you are near the end of your first 9 hours of course work, you should select a permanent advisor early in the program. You should inform the Graduate Program Director and Office Coordinator of your selection. Otherwise, you risk taking courses which your advisor may not accept as appropriate for your area of emphasis as defined in your Program of Study. The Graduate College requires you to update your Program of Study before the end of your first semester of course work (usually 9 hours).