Performance Studies Program


Interp-Convict photopostville show photo

UNI is the only university in the state of Iowa that features degree granting, comprehensive academic undergraduate and graduate curricular programs, along with working production programs in Performance Studies. This makes us quite unique among our colleagues within the state.


The Performance Studies program is housed within the Department of Communication Studies, and is multifaceted, featuring:

  1. An on-campus Interpreters Theatre laboratory performance series for student and faculty directors, writers, adapters, performers and technical crews;
  2. An outreach performance group (SAVE);
  3. A curriculum of courses at the introductory and advanced undergraduate level, and seminars on various appropriate topics at the graduate level leading to baccalaureate and graduate degrees;
  4. And the opportunity for students to engage in faculty supervised academic research and creative projects in performance, social issues, and oral history at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Courses currently taught in the Department of Communication Studies reflect our emphasis on cultural, societal, and aesthetic performance.

Our Performance Studies program focuses on areas of academic interest such as: culture and performance, performance in everyday life, narrative and storytelling in a variety of contexts, performance as a research method, oral history, ethnography, and performance as social change, all of which are not otherwise a part of the university curriculum in any other discipline. And, several of our advanced and graduate courses merge communication theory, interpersonal communication, discourse analysis, ethnography, and performance studies as well.