Organizational Communication


About the Program

This program is designed for students who:

  1. Plan to pursue careers in the field of human resource development (e.g. communication specialists, trainers, and consultants).
  2. Seek a general orientation to the field of organizational communication, especially those who intend to pursue a terminal degree in the area.

Students who desire a general orientation or who plan to further their education after completion of the M.A. should pursue the thesis option. Students preparing for careers in Human Resources Development (HRD) should pursue the non-thesis option. Those students who want to complete a thesis and specialize in HRD should plan to complete the non-thesis program's course work plus complete the thesis.

Thesis Option


  • Minimum of 30 hours of graduate level courses (includes thesis credit) with at least 9 hours in courses numbered 6000 or above.

Required Core (24 hours):

  • COMMGRAD 6001 (48C:201) Introduction to Graduate Study and Research (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6011(48C:224) Communication Theory OR COMMGRAD 6016 /Mass Communication Theory (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6022 (48C:236) Communication Research Methodology (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6041 (48C:232) Seminar in Organizational Communication (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6045 (48C:282) Seminar in Communication Education (3)
  • COMMGRAD 6299 (48C:299) Research (6)

Electives (6 hours):

Comprehensive Exams (no credit)

  • Comprehensive Exams (no credit)
Organizational Communication Program (15 hours of electives for non-thesis with no more than 6 hours taken outside the department; 6 hours of electives for thesis with no more than 3 hours taken outside the department)
COMMGRAD 6014 (48C:251) Critical & Cultural Studies in Communication
COMMGRAD 6027 (48P:282) Seminar in Public Relations
COMMGRAD 6041 (48C:232) Seminar in Organizational Communication (1st & 2nd courses/topics count towards core requirement; additional course(s)/topic(s) count as electives)
COMMGRAD 6042 (48C:222) Seminar in Communication
COMMGRAD 6044 (48C:212) Seminar in Performance Studies 
COMMGRAD 6045 (48C:282) Seminar in Communication Education
COMMGRAD 6046 (48E:222) Seminar in Mass Communication
COMM 5116 (48C:138g) Health Communication
COMM 5134 (48C:134g) Organizational Culture and Communication
COMM 5155 (48C:135g) Organizational Communication Assessment
COMM 5333 (48C:148g) Communication & Conflict Management
COMM 5344 (48C:151g) Intercultural Communication
COMM 5346 (48C:153g) Gender Issues in Communication
Elective courses outside the department may be also taken with advisor approval (e.g., courses in business, education, sociology, psychology, etc.) and submitted through a MyUniverse student request.