John Raschig

John Raschig

John Raschig was more than a number as a graduate student at UNI.

While he found plenty of things to do and people to meet on the campus of 13,000, he didn’t feel lost in the crowd. For John, the comparatively small campus provided opportunities to get to know professors. “It was literally the best two years of my life,” he says.

And it shows. “I’m not sure I had one gratifying moment,” he states, “because I received satisfaction from a lot of things.” Defending his paper in the Introduction to Graduate Studies and Research class, and turning in his final research paper were just some of the experiences that made John’s list of satisfying moments.

Such experiences were not possible without the support of the faculty in the Communication Studies department. While he gives credit to numerous professors, he is particularly grateful to Dr. April Chatham-Carpenter for her guidance and support.

As a student, John focused on rhetoric and was also given the opportunity to teach as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. “Not only did I become informed about the power of words, but I became comfortable using them.”

This preparation serves him well today as an account representative and media consultant for Yellowbook in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. “I love it. It’s fast-paced and intense, but there’s also a lot of room for growth, good money, and I really like the people I work with.”

To prospective and current students, John says, “Enjoy college. Meet people, celebrate achievements, work hard, complete tasks, but remember to have fun.”

By the way, if having fun in grad school sounds like an oxymoron, check out John’s picture. “It was taken in Dr. Karen Mitchell’s class,” he says. “It goes to show that TA’s aren’t all work and no play.”