Department of Communication Studies

Melissa Beall



Research Interests

My research areas are in communication education: communication practices, teacher behaviors, culture, learning styles, listening, and technology in the classroom.

Teaching Interests

Because UNI relies heavily on technology to help deliver the basic course, I currently spend a great deal of my time looking at technological applications for the classroom and the pedagogical implications of technology in the communication classroom.

Personal/Professional Interests

My personal and professional interests dovetail because I am vitally concerned with the interactions between and among students and teachers. The courses I teach reflect my research interests: listening, critical thinking, and issues in instructional communication.

Dr. Beall is on the Executive Board of the following organizations:
The International Listening Association (ILA)is a professional organization whose members are dedicated to learning more about the impact that listening has on all human activity. ILA's impact has been felt by local and state governments, public and private educational institutions, and all htmlects of the business community.

For information, contact ILA at 1-800-ILA-4505, or

The World Communication Association (WCA) is comprised of professionals around the world who are interested in the study, teaching and/or practice of communication. They are teachers in formal schools and colleges, informal groups, associations, and institutions. WCA members are convinced that to maintain peace throughout the world there must be mutual understanding among the people of the world that grows from individual and group interaction. WCA believes that one effective way to begin this worldwide exchange is by establishing individual and scholarly contacts among people and across all national and cultural boundaries.

For information, contact Barbara Monfils, Secretary General, at (262) 472-1034, or

The Basic Course Division of the promotes the study, research, administration and teaching of communication in basic course settings.

For information, visit the following links:

* Officers
* By-Laws


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