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UNI's Department of Communication Studies has a successful internship program with an average of 40 students in the 'field' every semester.  These opportunities provide students with unique experiences they could not receive in the classroom.  

Internships should be considered a unique three-way partnership that involves the students, the business/organization, and the university.  Students have the opportunity to learn new skills in a business/organization and apply theoretical concepts that they have learned in the classroom. Therefore, interns receive academic credit for working a specific number of hours for the business/organization while completing academic work.

  • Deadline to register for a FALL Internship:  Sept. 15

  • Deadline to register for a SPRING Internship:  Feb. 15

  • Deadline to register for a SUMMER Internship:  June 15

Complete the application early and submit well IN ADVANCE of deadline.  Supervisors must also send job descriptions also well IN ADVANCE of deadline.  

Late applications will not be accepted.

How to Apply for an Internship:

1. Complete the Online Form.  Login to the UNI Job & Internship Board using your Cat ID:

2.  Schedule a meeting with Career Services by calling 273-6857 or stopping by 102 Gilchirst Hall.  At this meeting you will need to have your printed application and a current resume.

3.  After meeting with Career Services, make an appointment with me to review the academic requirements for internship credit.  

4.  If the internship is approved, we will register you (you DO NOT register yourself).


Further information for:

Communication majors (COMM 3900/3179)
Digital Media majors (COMM DM 3900//3179)
Public Relations majors (COMM 3900/3179)


Further information for:

Internship Supervisors (and timecards)


MidTerm Evaluation Survey


Partnerships: For information on how to get an internship partnership started with the Department of Communication Studies, please email Nikki (Nichole) Harken at




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