IAAE-ICA Mentoring Program



ICA, in collaboration with the Iowa Alliance for Arts Education, is proud to be a part of the Arts Educator Mentor Program. The goal of this program is to help support our communication educators in their first and second years of teaching by offering a variety of programs. The IAAE/ICA Mentor Chair helps to connect the organization with this program.

Position: IAAE/ICA Mentor Chair
Term: Three Years
Selection: The mentor chair is appointed by the president in consultation with the Executive Committee and can be reappointed.

Timeline of Responsibilities:

September: ICA Fall Conference

Attend pre-conference Board meeting
Present materials/table at conference
Attend post-conference Board meeting
Write an article for ICA Newsletter
Compile information from conference
Coordinate re-imbursement for conference fees, etc.

October: IAAE Mentor Conference

Connect mentees and mentors
Help make plans for ICA members to attend IAAE conference

November – February

Act as contact for mentees and mentors
Connect with IAAE to coordinate activities
(most work done through e-mail and phone calls)

March: Winter/Spring Conference-planning Board Meeting

Read agenda
Review minutes of last pre- and post-Board meeting
Write an article for ICA Newsletter

April – May

Make follow-up contacts with those involved in the program
Identify where there may be new positions


Coordinate with IAAE to send letters to school administrators about the program
Contact any new teachers to begin connecting teachers and mentees
Send invites to fall conference


Brian K. Pierce
Sarah Schaefer
Waukee Community School

Outstanding New Teacher     Outstanding Adjunct Teacher Award

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