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VOLUME 45 NUMBER 1, 2013

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Harvell, L. A., Nisbett, G.S., & Hansen, G.J. (2013). Analyzing Journalistic Approaches of Supreme Court Nominee Hearings: A Longitudinal Study. Iowa Journal of Communication, 45(1), 1-18

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Pennington, N. (2013). Taking Back the White House: An Analysis of GOP Candidate-Constituent Communication through Facebook in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Primaries. Iowa Journal of Communication, 45(1), 19-38. Abstract | Full Text

Stein, K.A., Barton, M.H., Ault, M.K., & Briscoe, J.R. (2013). Apologist-in-Chief?: Newspaper Kategoria and Antapologia following Barack Obama’s “Global Apology Tour.” Iowa Journal of Communication, 45(1), 39-63.

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Allen, J.L., Park, E., Johnson, D.I., & O’Mara, J. (2013). Temperament, Cynicism, and the Effects of Advertising on Voters’ Evaluation of Candidates . Iowa Journal of Communication, 45(1), 64-91. Abstract | Full Text

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