Graduate Program

The Performance Studies Graduate Program in the Department of Communication Studies has two primary goals: to provide students with strong backgrounds in Performance Studies, and to help them further prepare for specific creative, academic and professional career choices.

The Performance Studies graduate program is diverse and flexible, and serves three basic student interests: preparation for study at the Ph.D. level, teaching, and other creative/professional/business applications for which a graduate background in Performance Studies will be useful. We offer opportunities for Performance Studies graduate education to full-time and part-time students from Iowa, other areas of the United States, and all around the world.

The diversity and flexibility of our Performance Studies graduate degree program comes from the opportunities that we provide students to work with many different performance based theories, methodologies, practices and applications. Ours is a producing, practicing program that offers graduate students opportunities for creative work as well as academic work.

Our goal is to produce “practicing scholars and creative artists,” who can critically apply the theoretic and research methods they learn through their graduate programs within the public and professional arenas they serve. We seek to provide our students with opportunities to enhance practice with theory, and theory with practice, recognizing that a balanced relationship between the two is necessary to create thoughtful, effective scholarship and creative work. We see our Performance Studies graduate program as a stepping-stone in your path to being able to make a difference in the disciplines of Performance and Communication Studies.

The overall objectives of the Performance Studies Graduate Program are:

-To provide students with an overview of the communication field in general, and the 
Performance Studies discipline in particular
-To enhance students' analytical and critical skills within academic and creative contexts
-To provide a strong understanding of one or more performance based research methods
-To refine students' professional and creative writing and oral communication skills
-To provide career/educational directions



Students with Performance Studies assistantships work primarily with the Interpreters Theatre program in publicity assistance and/or technical assistance for specific productions.

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