Graduate Alumni


What did alumni from the Communication Studies Graduate Program think about their time at UNI? What are they doing now? Read their stories.


John Raschig

John Raschig was more than a number as a graduate student at UNI.

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Lori Johnson

How do you juggle work, a family, an assistantship, and graduate work? Just ask Lori Johnson.

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Gwenne Culpepper-Berry

Graduate school wasn't
necessarily in Gwenne Culpepper- Berry's plans, but it turned out to be a worthwhile decision.

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Tara Ely

If someone says “aviation,” you may think of pilots or engineering. Ask Tara Ely what she thinks of, and she’ll tell you “communication.”

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Eric Short

While to some, a rigorous work load may sound daunting, to Eric Short it meant an opportunity.

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Hue Duong Trong

Before Hue Duong Trong arrived in the U.S., he didn't know a thing about UNI. The scholarship program that sponsored his studies spoke highly of UNI's Communication Graduate Program. He quickly learned why.

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