Get Involved

The Interpreters Theatre program is student centered. While faculty and professional guest artists sometimes create scripts and direct productions, students also have many opportunities to do these things and more, getting an inside look at all aspects of theatrical production first-hand!

  • Learning arts administration and management

  • Practicing house management

  • Writing scripts

  • Directing

  • Acting

  • Designing scenery, lighting, and makeup

  • Building sets

  • Curating costumes and props

  • Designing and engineering audio and multimedia

  • Setting lights and special effects


Professionally trained faculty provide leadership and guidance to our student technicians/artists, teaching them performance and production theory, but our goal is for students to learn by doing. Each semester, auditions are announced and held for student performers, and calls are placed for student writers, directors, and technicians.

Please contact Danielle McGeough or Paul Siddens for more information.