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Forensics Teams Win at Creighton, Twin Cities, and Emporia

Thursday, Oct 25, 2012

The speech team has competed at three tournaments in the past 4 days, and are headed to another one this weekend!

The team won second in team sweepstakes at all three tournaments, as well as 2nd in the weekend sweepstakes at the Creighton Swing. Over the weekend, the team went to the Creighton Double Up Tournament in Omaha. On Tuesday, the team went to the Twin Cities Forensics League #1 in Bloomington, MN.

Seven students have qualified events to the American Forensics Association-National Individual Events Tournament that will be held in April. Michael Taylor has qualified four events (Prose Interpretation, Program Oral Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, and Poetry Interpretation). Harrison Postler has qualified Impromptu Speaking and After Dinner Speaking. First year Keegan Bosch qualified Impromptu. Students will have opportunities throughout the season to qualify events to nationals.

We had the following students win awards at Creighton and the TCFL:

Michael Taylor:
Won Prose Interpretation (Creighton Day 1 & TCFL #1) & 4th Place at Creighton Day 2
Won Dramatic Interpretation (Creighton Day 1) & 2nd Place (Creighton Day 2)

Zoe Russell:
Won Informative Speaking (Creighton Day 2) & 5th Place (Creighton Day 1)
4th in Impromptu (Creighton Day 2)
3rd in Individual Sweepstakes

Harrison Postler:
Won After Dinner Speaking (Creighton Day 1) & 2nd Place (Creighton Day 2)
3rd in Duo Interpretation with Mandy Paris (Creighton Day 1) & 5th Place in Duo Interpretation with Ryan Courtney (Creighton Day 1 & Day 2)
7th in Prose Interpretation (Creighton Day 1)
1st in Individual Sweepstakes (Creighton Day 1)

Keegan Bosch:
2nd Place in Impromptu Speaking (Creighton Day 2) & 3rd Place (Creighton Day 1)
1st Place in Extemporaneous Speaking (Creighton Day 2) & 3rd Place (Creighton Day 1)
2nd Place in Informative Speaking (Creighton Day 1)
2nd Place in Duo Interpretation with Scott Bredman (Creighton Day 2 & TCFL #1) & 6th Place (Creighton Day 1)
2nd Place in Poetry (TCFL #1) and 5th Place (Creighton Day 2)
1st Place (Creighton Day 2) and 2nd Place (Creighton Day 1) in Individual Sweepstakes

Ryan Courtney:
Won Prose Interpretation (Creighton Day 1)
3rd in Dramatic Interpretation (Creighton Day 2)

Scott Bredman:
3rd Place in Dramatic Interpretation (Creighton Day 1) & 5th Place (TCFL #1)

Jordan Lukehart:
2nd Place in Persuasive Speaking (TCFL #1)

Heather Kelly:
4th Place in Dramatic Interpretation (TCFL #1)

Greg Chittick:
3rd in Program Oral Interpretation (TCFL#1)

Nicole Torgerson:
4th Place in After Dinner Speaking (Creighton Day 2)

Maddison Zayn Jansen:
3rd Place in Extemporaneous Speaking (TCFL #1)

The team is in the middle of a three weekend stretch, they will head to Wisconsin on Friday for MAFL #3/4 (MAFLs are run by Rebecca Buel, Director of Individual Events).

On the debate side, they competed at the 57th Pflaum Debates at Emporia State University. They had some quality wins against the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City in the open division. Abbie and Zach will be representing UNI at the Shirley Invitational (Wake Forest) in mid-November. This national tournament is one of the most prestigious tournaments of the season.

Abbie and Zach will join me at the Cedar Rapids-Washington's Iowa Caucus (High School Policy). This regional, Tournament of Champions qualifier will have 106 two person teams from Iowa, the Twin Cities, Chicago, and other regional programs represented. We will be judging rounds and talking to students and coaches about debate at UNI.

Thank you so much for your support!

All the best,

Dr. Katherine L. Lavelle
Director of Forensics
Assistant Professor of Com. Studies
University of Northern Iowa
334 Lang
Cedar Falls, IA 50613-0139