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Political Communication Major

The Political Communication major requires a minimum of 120 total hours to graduate. This total includes Liberal Arts Core requirements and the following specified major requirements, plus electives to complete the minimum of 120 hours.

Required core
Communication Studies:
COMM 4211/5211 (48C:123g) Rhetoric and Civic Culture 3
COMM 4216/5216 (48C:160g) Political Communication 3
or POL AMER 4160/5160 Political Communication
COMM 4444/5444 (48C:155g) Communication, Community, and Change 3
COMM COR 1010 (48J:002) Mass Communication and Society 3
Political Science:
POL AMER 1014 (942:014) Introduction to American Politics * 3
POL AMER 3112 (942:112) Campaigns and Elections 3
POL AMER 3150 (942:150) Public Opinion and Voting Behavior 3
Select one of the following from Communication Studies/Political Science: 3
Introduction to Research Methods *
Rhetorical Communication Research Methods *
Analyzing Politics
Internship in Communication Studies/Political Science: 3
Internship in Communication
Internship in Politics *

Electives (choose two courses from Communication Studies and two courses from Political Science from the following list):
Communication Studies:
Argumentation and Debate *
Media Literacy
Organizational Communication *
Freedom of Speech
Communication and Conflict Management *
Intercultural Communication
Social Protest: Performance and Rhetoric
Technology and Human Communication
Electronic Media: Processes and Effects *
Principles of Public Relations *
Mass Communication Law and Ethics
Global Mass Communication Systems *
Political Science:
American State Politics
Community Politics
Legislative Politics *
Civil Rights and Liberties
Modern Presidency *
Political Parties and Interest Groups *
Citizen Participation and Civic Engagement
Political Psychology
Human Rights
International Law
Total Hours 39

*Choice of courses and subsequent prerequisites may increase the length of this program.  These courses have additional prerequisites as follows: