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Communication Studies: Journalism Courses

COMM J 1755 (48J:007). Reporting Methodologies and Sources — 3 hrs.

Emphasis on information gathering techniques for the mass media, including examination of search strategies, sources, and news values. (Fall and Spring)

COMM J 2755 (48J:071). News Writing for Media — 3 hrs.

Principles and practice of writing, editing, and compiling news for the print media. Prerequisite(s): COMM COR 1010 (48J:002); COMM J 1755 (48J:007). (Fall and Spring)

COMM J 3179 (48J:179). Cooperative Education — 1-6 hrs.


COMM J 3755 (48J:174). Digital Journalism — 3 hrs.

Writing and developing online journalism, including web pages with audio slide shows, interactive timelines, motion graphics, video, and podcasts. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or consent of instructor. (Fall and Spring)

COMM J 3756 (48J:172). Editing and Design — 3 hrs.

Copyreading, proofreading, writing headlines; studying make-up, typography, and photography. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or consent of instructor. (Fall and Spring)

COMM J 3900 (48J:197). Internship in Journalism — 1-6 hrs.

Students complete academic assignments in conjunction with intensive work in a specialized area on-site at an organization. May be repeated for maximum of 6 hours. Prerequisite(s): junior standing; internship coordinator approval. See the internship coordinator for additional departmental requirements. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

COMM J 4711/5711 (48J:121g). History of Mass Communication — 3 hrs.

Development of the structure, economics, and content of communication in the United States; examination of significant persons and events contributing to the technological, economic, and social development of mass media. Equal emphasis on print and electronic media. Prerequisite(s): COMM COR 1010 (48J:002); junior standing. (Spring)

COMM J 4715 (48J:178g). Photojournalism — 3 hrs.

Introduces students to the concepts, principles, and practice of photojournalism through photo assignments, image editing, presentation in a variety of formats, and critical reviews of work. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or consent of instructor; junior standing. (Variable)

COMM J 4735/5735 (48J:171g). Advanced Reporting — 3 hrs.

Gathering information and writing and editing of complex news stories; emphasis on advanced techniques of interviewing, journal research, and personal observation. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071); junior standing. (Fall and Spring)

COMM J 4743/5743 (48J:132g). Mass Communication Law and Ethics — 3 hrs.

Origins and backgrounds of mass communication law and ethics, including that in journalism and public relations. Contemporary problems and issues in mass communication-related law and ethics. Libel, fair trial, law, and self-regulation in journalism, public relations, and advertising. Prerequisite(s): junior standing. (Fall and Spring)

COMM J 4754/5754 (48J:151g). Global Mass Communication Systems — 3 hrs.

Media practices and philosophies in the major regions of the world. Government and economic structures of global communications processes and practices. Prerequisite(s): COMM COR 1010 (48J:002); junior standing. (Fall)

COMM J 4765/5765 (48J:176g). Feature Writing — 3 hrs.

Writing and marketing different types of articles for various publications. Prerequisite(s): COMM J 2755 (48J:071) or ENGLISH 2015 (620:015) or consent of instructor; junior standing. (Spring)