Department of Communication Studies

Comm Studies MA Graduate is Finalist on The Apprentice Asia

Dussadee Oeawpanich, a 2002 graduate of the Communication Studies masters of arts program and native of Thailand, is one of 12 finalists in the first season of The Apprentice Asia.

In her introductory video on the program's web site, Dussadee says "I am very competitive, I have good work ethics, nice personality, and I have all it takes to win." 

According to the show's profile of her, "Dee grew up amongst eastern and western influences, in Thailand where she was born, and in the States where she survived Hurricane Katrina. Moving from the countryside to the cities has made her resilient to changes. Her parents have a big influence on her life – her tough and savvy father was a shrimp farm owner, a risky business with unpredictable incomes, and her meticulous mother who operated a restaurant taught her all about good hospitality."

Dussadee currently owns and operates a bistro bar in Thailand.

At UNI, Dussadee wrote a thesis titled "Street Trafficking on Thai Women: A Qualitative Study of Internet Dating and Sex Tourism." Dr. Victoria DeFranciso, chair of Dusadee's thesis committee at UNI, is confident that Dusadee will be a formidable competitor on The Apprentice Asia.

"Dussadee has extensive experience in managing restaurants and hotels. She finished her M.A. degree here with great tenacity. I am sure she will bring this same fierceness to the competition and be a tough competitor. Go Dussadee!"

The Apprentice Asia divides the 12 contestants into two six-member teams.  Dussadee is on the all-women Team Apex. The world premiere of the show was May 22.

Fans can follow and vote for Dussadee on Twitter at the #AADee hashtag.


Update:  Although she was the winning project manager in Week 2, Wikipedia reports that she resigned in Week 3: "as she felt that the cut-throat and ultra-competitive team dynamics did not suit her style of working, with team members being disrespectful to one another. While [Tony] Fernandes [the host] was shocked at her decision, he eventually respected her decision and allowed her to leave. As such, no one was fired that week." (Sounds like a winning move to us. -- Comm Studies)