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Comm Studies Grad Gets Advice from Obama, Gets Job

UNI Communication Studies/Electronic Media graduate Tim Getting just happened to be in downtown Cedar Falls with a friend on August 14. As chance had it, President Obama was en route to Waterloo for a campaign event, but made an impromptu detour to Main Street in downtown Cedar Falls to get a beer at the Pump Haus. 

Getting, who had been working with Cedar Falls Cable Television as a production assistant since his May 2011 graduation, was looking for a better full time job. So, Getting did what just about anyone else might not do -- he asked the commander-in-chief for some job advice. (As Tim said on his Twitter feed, "Looking for a job to utilize my multimedia skillset and not getting many bites, so I asked the president for advice.") It's all captured on video by Tim's friend, now posted on Obama's campaign site.

Here, we cut to the story, as written by Karen Spory, one of Getting's UNI classmates who now writes about politics for the Daily Union in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin:

In Tim's video, viewers see President Obama shaking hands and greeting the crowd of supporters. When he finally leans over to shake Tim's hand, the commander-in-chief is greeted with not only a firm handshake, but also a question, "Mr. President: I'm looking for a job. Do you have any advice?"

Now, one might expect advice such as "pound-the-pavement, look everywhere, try getting an internship." Obama did offer a few of those comments, but then took time to talk a lot more.

"Yeah, I'll tell you. What are you into?" inquires the president.

Tim responds that he's in television broadcast.

Obama then asks if there is a station in Cedar Falls.

Tim replies KWWL, which actually is in Waterloo, but that's little more than a hop, skip and jump from Cedar Falls.

Still shaking hands with the throng, Obama asks Tim if he's gone to the TV station and talked with them and asked for an internship.

"Should I go in person?" Tim asked.

"Always go in person. Show up and say 'I'm interested in interning and even if it's just part time and even if I'm not getting paid right away' get it on your resume," advised Obama. "The next time you apply for an opening that pays, you've got a track record."


In his video, Getting adds some concluding text:obama and tim getting

"I did go to KWWL in person...

And I was offered a full-time job two days later."

Congratulations, Tim, and thanks for the story, Karen!