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Job Description Requirement

The Communication Program requires that the intended supervisor submit a signed job description on letterhead to the Internships Coordinator. This relatively brief description should indicate the sort of duties expected of the intern and the number of hours the intern will be on the job (usually, 50 hours on the job are expected for each credit hour earned).

The usual internship focuses on one or more projects, involves communication with other members of the organization or the public, and can be viewed as experiential learning for the intern, outside of the classroom environment. A typical job description would identify the sort of project(s) or duties which would represent the primary activity of the intern, and might also note "other duties," which would be incumbent upon any employee of the organization. For example, answering the telephone might be a normal expectation, but not the central activity of the intern.

The Program does not wish to narrow the opportunities of our interns, but simply wishes to guide potential organizations and their supervisors regarding the sort of expectations we have for our students. If there are any questions, the supervisor is encouraged to call the Internships Director for the Program, Nichole Zumbach Johnson at (319) 273-3707.

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