Department of Communication Studies

Chatham-Carpenter Selected for LAC Teaching Award

Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013

april awardCommunication Studies Professor April Chatham-Carpenter received an Excellence in Liberal Arts Core Teaching Award at the UNI Fall Faculty meeting.  

In her remarks at the meeting, Provost Gloria Gibson said "Since her arrival at the University of Northern Iowa in 1991, Dr. April Chatham-Carpenter has proved to be a valuable member of the Department of Communication Studies.  Her passion for learning and educating is apparent through her participation on multiple committees and initiatives as well as her strong commitment to students both inside and outside of the classroom. Students admire her ability to transform a classroom of strangers into a supportive community of friends. Dr. Chatham-Carpenter conducts lessons that are both challenging and engaging, contributing to the individual growth of each student in her class.  By constantly reinventing her courses in order to adapt to the diverse needs of her students, she ensures that each student is afforded the opportunity to succeed."

According to the award criteria, "The emphasis for this award is placed on the overall quality of teaching in the LAC, which is not limited to the classroom. Outstanding teaching also includes assisting students outside of the classroom and demonstrating serious commitment to academic excellence and individual student needs, interests, and development."

Photo: Provost Gloria Gibson, President Bill Ruud, April Chatham-Carpenter