Our program annually acknowledges the work of our outstanding students by recognizing them with awards that are given based on their contributions to our program.


Elaine McDavitt Stageberg Memorial Award

This award carries the name of the founding faculty member of our program, Dr. Elaine McDavitt Stageberg. This award acknowledges the work of students who have participated in the UNI Interpreters Theatre program throughout their undergraduate careers and who have clearly served as student leaders in our program during that time. Past recipients of this award are:

Julie Rollinger, 1994
Jennifer Tuder, 1995
Joel Stauffer, 1996
Jill Emerson, 1997
Nicole Zumbach, 1998
Robin Sandberg, 2000
Amanda (Fred) Seaton, 2001
Emily Josephson, 2002
Christopher “JT” Jamison, 2004
Amanda Freking, 2005
Ren Waddell, 2006
Emily Griffin, 2008 
Mikey Willams, 2009
Ali Horstad, 2010
Allison Krios, 2011
Sofia Seliger, 2012
Michael Taylor, 2013

Rising Star Award In Honor of Phyllis Carlin

This award carries the name of one of our most cherished and respected faculty members, Dr. Phyllis Carlin. One of the things that keeps any organization alive and moving forward are the contributions of new members. The UNI Interpreters Theatre created the Rising Star Award to acknowledge the work of students who go above and beyond normal expectations in our production program in their first year of service to us. New students working with us in any area of production are eligible for consideration for this award. Past recipients of this award are:

Michele Shaw, 1994
Nicole Zumbach, 1995
Patrick Law, 1996
Janet Casson, 1997
Andrea Tousfeldt, 1998
Emily Josephson, 2000
Amber Rouse, 2001
Kathryn Tripp, 2002
Amanda Freking, 2003
Wayland McQueen, 2004
Carla Pasker, 2005
Mikey Williams, 2006
Josh Gitch, 2007
Janette Pasker, 2008
Ali Horsted, 2009
Michael Taylor, 2010
Callie Buck, 2011
Shaun Knapp, 2012
Katie Benzing, 2013

Interpreters Theatre Technical Service Award For Outstanding Achievement

This award is designed to acknowledge the work of those students who go above and beyond normal expectations in contributing to our program in the area of Technical Service. Students who earn this award have demonstrated exceptional theoretical and practical knowledge of the art of stagecraft, and they have devoted significant time and effort to staging our productions. Past recipients of this award are:

Amber Rouse, 2000
Emily Josephson, 2001
Christopher Jamison, 2001
Angela Platner, 2002
Tiffany Dustin, 2002
“Big Al” Steffen, 2003
Brian Gwinner, 2006
Carla Pasker, 2007
Bill Garrett, 2007
Aaron Lorenz, 2007
William H. Garrett, 2007
Crosby Lester, 2007
Rachel Olsem, 2008
Mikey Willams, 2009
Janette Pasker, 2010
Dylan Freking, 2012