Department of Communication Studies

Audition Call for "CONVICT"

Thursday, Nov 8, 2012


Written & Directed by Joshua Hamzehee
Show goes up: TH 1/31, FRI 2/1, SAT 2/2 @7:30PM in the UNI Interpreter’s Theater
Rehearsals begin following Thanksgiving Break

Auditions held in Lang 040 @UNI: TUES 11/13 7-9PM & THURS 11/15 6-8PM
Questions contact:

The U.S. represents less than 5% of the world’s population yet has nearly a quarter of its prisoners, leading many to proclaim we are living in the “age of incarceration.” Set in a modern American prison cell, CONVICT follows the experiences of Cyrus, a single father convicted of murder under extenuating circumstances, and explores the liminal space between guilt and innocence, our expectations of masculinity, and our overcrowded penal system’s tendency to punish rather than rehabilitate. Through laughter, poignant moments, and non-traditional theater techniques, CONVICT highlights the humanity of the prisoner and asks: Is it time for a change?

There are 10 roles available, and while CONVICT is set in a men’s prison, women are encouraged to audition for all roles. Auditions will be cold reads, so no need to prepare. These are the available characters:

EMMA, 25, mother of GRACIE.
G.O.D. 1 and G.O.D. 2, the prison guards.
JAVY, in his late 40’s, from Mexico, grounded. Convicted of domestic violence and battery.
CAMUS, in his mid 60’s, from Arkansas, high strung. Convicted of robbery, arson, and murder.
ALONZO, in his early 50’s, a bit kooky.  Convicted of manslaughter.
CALVIN, in his mid 20’s, innocent but hardened by the joint. Convicted of possession with intent to distribute.
RALPHIE, in his early 40’s, nice guy but loud. Convicted of vehicular manslaughter.
SCREWDRIVER, in his late 30’s, class clown-type. Convicted of child abduction.
BEANIE, in his early 30’s, big and tough S.O.B. Convicted of murder.

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