Call For Comments and Suggestions

We have started the discussion on the design of the ACCS's Logo since last year. The following are two submissions for collecting the comments and suggestions. In order to initiate a free discussion, the names of the creators are kept anonymous at this time. However, we would like to extend our gratitude to their creative work and contributions to the ACCS.

Revised 2

It is another revised LOGO by Yun Xia

Revised 1_b

It adds the ACCS to it.

Revised 1

It is the revised LOGO by Yun Xia and Qi Wang. Please click the picture to get a view of a larger picture in PDF version.

The graphical "S" shape represents a lot of things. It can represent studies. It can be air wave for broadcasting. It can also represent Yin/Yan, Chinese unique symbol. Altogether with the oval shape, it can be an "eye."

Version 1

The triangle represents “A.” The two half-moon shapes represent two “C’s”, and the “S” symbol is in the middle.

The center is also a symbol of Ying-Yang system that best represents ancient Chinese philosophy.

The A shape also represents the growing trend (going upward) of the ACCS.

Version 2

Square: distance (professionalism) and coolness (formality)

Oval: closeness (friendliness and care) and circular eternality open to progressive changes (bottom left corner and top right corner)

Square with oval shapes: “both/and” logic that occurred widely in Chinese Culture

Red color: passion

Orange color: maturity

Roman type in the text: academic tradition

Two Chinese calligraphy characters at the top left corner: broadcasting and media
Two Chinese calligraphy characters at the bottom right corner: communication

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