About the Clohesy Series

William and Stephanie Clohesy


At the inaugural screening of the William and Stephanie Clohesy Documentary Film Series on Oct. 24, 2011, series director David O'Shields introduced the Clohesy's with these comments:

It’s been my desire for a long time to create a documentary film series here at the university and to bring America’s most prominent, most important filmmakers to our community to talk and screen their work.Stephanie and Bill Clohesy

With the support and assistance of Dr. Chris Martin and the Communication Studies department, we have created this film series and named it in honor of my dear friends Bill and Stephanie Clohesy.  

Bill and Stephanie came into my life in the spring of 1996.  Since that time, they have honored me with their hospitability, their kindness, their generosity -- and their love.  Bill and Stephanie have supported my work as a filmmaker with advice, the sharing of keen wisdom and even by opening their respective checkbooks on multiple occasions.  Their friendship and generosity has impacted my life in ways they may not understand, but I would not be here tonight, continuing my pursuit of documentary filmmaking in this community, if not for that friendship.  The Clohesy’s have shown me by example, that one can live in a small Midwestern college town and live a life of the mind in pursuit of excellence and outcome on the national stage.

Bill Clohesy is a prominent and internationally respected philosopher -- a world-class scholar here at UNI.  Stephanie Clohesy is a scholar in her own right, a fierce and prominent advocate for social justice, equality and women’s rights.  She runs a very successful philanthropic consultation business here in Cedar Falls; her client list reads like a Who’s Who of American movers and shakers. 

Bill and Stephanie give generously of their time and treasure supporting all manner of causes here in the Cedar Valley and beyond.  They are both responsible for a thousand acts of kindness and good deeds.  And as my friend Ann Eastman has remarked, “they do it when no one is looking.”

All of us who live and work in Iowa are leading richer, more rewarding lives because of the Clohesy’s.  And the recognition we offer tonight is long overdue.  It is my sincere hope that the William and Stephanie Clohesy Documentary Film Series continues on well into the future as a vibrant testament to these two remarkable human beings.   Thank you Bill and Stephanie.


The series is sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa Department of Communication Studies, the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, numerous Friends of the Series, and directed by Documentary Filmmaker-in-Residence and Adjunct Instructor David O’Shields.