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APPLICATION FORM (scholarship application eligibility)
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The Deadline for accepting applications is 5 p.m. Friday, February 12, 2016.

IBA Scholarship 2016 UNI Electronic Media Scholarship:


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Note to Applicants: Submit this online application form first and then upload all required documents listed below at <http://www.uni.edu/comstudy/IBA/application_document.htm> :
1. 1-3 page typewritten statement of: (a) career goals in broadcasting; (b) the importance of scholarship in helping you reach your career goals; (c) the importance of a college/university education to you; and (d) the skills and interests you have which would contribute to a career in broadcasting.

2.Provide the Latest Copy of Academic Transcript

3. Provide Two or More Letters of Recommendation. At least, one letter must be from an Academic reference, and one from a non-academic reference. Additional letters from academic sources may be used to support your application.

Dr. Bankston will send you an email to inform you the reception of your submission.