Department of Communication Studies

30 Communication Studies Students Awarded BA degrees at Fall 2013 Commencement

Thirty Communication Studies students received BA degrees at the Fall 2013 Commencement program on Dec. 20, 2013 in the McLeod Center. The commencement program also listed 6 candidates for MA degrees from Communication Studies. Communication Studies had the largest number of baccalaureate degree candidates in the College of Humanities, Arts & Sciences at the commencement.

The following students (including Summer 2013 graduates) were listed in the commencement program as candidates for degrees in Communication Studies in the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences:

Graduate candidates (MA)

  • Jorge De Leon (Rancho Cucamonga, California)
  • Kiranjeet Dhillon  (Kissimmee. Florida)
  • Megan Cavanaugh (Cedar Rapids)
  • Sarah Jean Taylor (Merrill, Wisconsin)
  • Clair Williams (Cedar Falls)
  • Hicham Zemmahi (Urbana, Illinois)

Undergraduate candidates (BA)

  • Alexia Apel, Electronic MediaFall 2013 commencement
  • Grant Atherton, Electronic Media
  • Joseph Barloon, Electronic Media
  • Timothy Becker, Electronic Media
  • Stephanie Biggens, Communication
  • Kylie Bleam, Public Relations
  • Callie Bottorff, Public Relations
  • Olivia Bradley, Communication
  • Melissa Champion, Communication-Theatre Arts 7-12
  • Sarah Clark, Electronic Media
  • Brett Condon, Communication
  • Chelsea Ecklund, Public Relations
  • Gabrielle Facciani, Communication
  • Bradley Ferguson, Public Relations
  • Rebecca Fisher, Public Relations
  • Tyler Gardner, Electronic Media
  • Desiree German, Public Relations
  • Glenna Goldman, Electronic Media
  • Megan Grandors, Public Relations
  • Tyron Hackett, Electronic Media
  • Lisa Hagen, Electronic Media
  • Thomas Harbaugh, Communication
  • Kaitlin Heller, Communication
  • Caitlin Hergenretter, Electronic Media
  • Alex Holmes, Electronic Media
  • Joseph Huisinga, Electronic Media
  • Alexandra Johnson, Public Relations
  • Emily Kies, Public Relations
  • Sara Kreiner, Public Relations
  • Tyler Mahncke, Electronic Media
  • Michael Marquart, Communication
  • Blanca Martinez, Electronic Media
  • Logan Mathes, Communication
  • Sean McClain, Electronic Media
  • Taylor Mowrer, Communication
  • Kelsey Nilsson, Public Relations
  • Delaney Palen, Communication
  • Jesslyn Racine, Public Relations
  • Bridgett Reidy, Electronic Media
  • Kelby Robb, Public Relations
  • Christopher Ross, Electronic Media
  • Paige Ruba, Public Relations
  • Robert Ruchotzke, Public Relations
  • Amanda Schick, Communication
  • Rebecca Schwartz, Public Relations
  • Erin Smid, Communication
  • Hannah Smith, Communication
  • Taylor Smith, Electronic Media
  • Emily Stortz, Communication
  • Kathleen Swain, Communication
  • Rebecca Trautman, Communication
  • Justi Uden, Public Relations
  • Rachel Van Dalen, Communication
  • Amanda Vrieze, Public Relations
  • Clayton Walters, Electronic Media
  • Alexaundria Weichers, Electronic Media
  • Molly Welu, Communication
  • Kayla Wolthoff, Public Relations
  • Kira Yoder, Public Relations
  • Nicholas Youngers, Communication
  • Makenzie Zoutte, Communication

Also, in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences:

  • Chad Heiman, Political Communication

Photo 1: Communication Studies/Electronic Media graduate Joe Barloon ('13) prepares to cross the stage at the McLeod Center to receive his diploma.  Communication Studies instructor Nichole Zumbach Harken reads the names of graduates.

Photo2: President Ruud and his party exits the McLeod Center.